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Machines that drive
down costs and
improve soil quality
and yields

Tillso Parts & Products.

As from the 1st February 2023 Tillso Ltd ceased trading and is now in voluntary liquidation. On the positive side there is now a new network of companies to provide continuity both with Sabre tines, parts and products, not only in the UK but also in Europe.

Technical support for both existing  and new customers is available through the network of companies.

“I would like to thank all customer for their support over the years it has been very much appreciated. I hope the new arrangements will give continuity and better support than we have given in recent times.

Hopefully things look a little brighter now and there’s the beginnings of a new company  to market the Tillso brand and develop new machines but still a way to go

spaldings logo

UK : Sabre Tines, Retro Fit  & Wearing Parts

Spaldings Ltd

25-35 Sadler Road, Lincoln, LN6 3XJ

T: 01522 500600


Tillso UK: Machines

Fentech Agri Ltd

Beck Bank, West Pinchbeck, Spalding, PE11 3QN

T: 01775 513112
M: 07793 973730


baarck logo

Tillso Germany: Machines

Baarck Landmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

Lindenstraße 20, D-23795 Weede-Söhren

T: 04553 280
F: 04553 1325
M: 0176 3289 5489


sia graintech logo

Tillso Latvia: Machines

SIA Graintech

Izstāžu iela 11, Valdlauči, Ķekavas pagasts, LV-1076, Latvia

T: 371 29 464 911
Skype: karlis.metrins

Tillso Cultivation Specialist and Machinery

Tillso is an innovative British cultivation specialist of machinery. Our technology is designed with soil conservation at the fore, increasing organic matter in soils and aiding cultural weed control.

Tillso technology improves profitability and yield as part of a min-till or no-till system. As well as our range of cultivators we produce retro-fit subsoiling tines and consolidation rollers, which offer a cost effective solution to update existing machinery.

Commander TR

The Commander TR spreads straw and trash, creates fine surface tilth and consolidates. The R&R is the most effective machine in the market to create a fast stale seedbed and provides an enhanced rolling operation for fining the seedbed or post-drilling consolidation.

Advantage Subsoiler

The Advantage is fitted with pitch adjustable Sabre tines with improved inter-tine clearance. Fitted with Sabre Ultralite it makes the ideal platform for OSR seeding and comes with the option to tow a following press or fit OSR openers.

Advantage SC Trailed Cultivator

The trailed Advantage is a minimum disturbance cultivator which cuts through trash, creates tilth and loosens soil. Unique Tillso components promote soil conservation and long term soil fertility by creating tilth and restructuring whilst conserving organic matter and keeping fine particles and weed seeds on the surface.

Sabre Tine

Patented Sabre Tine technology removes compaction and permanently restructures soil with minimum surface disturbance. The four tine options can be retro-fitted to existing machines.

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